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As you know, I had the nast C-word years back. Since then, I’ve been doing my due diligence to reduce and/or elimiate potentially hazardous chemicals from my everyday world aka USE CLEAN PRODUCTS.

I didn’t realize it for so long. I thought I was using good products. I thought Cocoa Butter lotion by Palmer’s was great for my skin. I thought Colgate whitening toothpaste was good for my teeth. I thought Oil of Olay cream was helping my face. I thought Herbal Essences was good for my hair because it smelled so good. I thought Johnson and Johnson Baby wash was gentle to use on my sensitive skin. I was using all the products that were marketed to me as a young woman. I didn’t realize the negative impact they could have on me. Palmer’s lotion has yellow #5 in it. Colgate has propylene glycol and SLS in it. Oil of Olay has fragrance and alcohol in it. Herbal Essences contains SLS, fragrance, alcohol, etc. Johnson and Johnson baby wash has a deriviative of formeldahyde in it! No joke, when somebody told me this, I couldn’t believe it so I called the company directly and sure enough they were right! Little tiny baby bodies are absorbing this product! This is shameful. Many of these ingredients, beyond what I’ve listed, in these products have been linked to hormone disruption, skin irritations, cancers, and more!

If you are concerned about the products you are using on your skin and in your home, I encourage you to download the app “Think Dirty” or the EWG app to scan your products to learn about their safety profile. You will be shocked just like I was. The problem is that we aren’t educated on the nitty gritty of these products. We have to dig deep for this information. We have advertisments shoved in our face convincing us that these products are good for us! Well, once I knew, I couldn’t look back. I have become quite the researcher. Now, every product I use is very intentional and well researched.

And then I was introduced to Young Living (YL). A company that takes so much pride and regard for the products they distribute to their customers. They have a Seed to Seal promise that each product they release goes through rigorous testing before it reaches millions of households around the world. These products are pure, honest, organic, and have changed my life! Young Living products include essential oils, skin care, makeup, toothpaste, mouthwash, Thieves cleaning line, Seedlings baby line, etc. The list goes on. YL is my one stop shop for all my household and personal care products. These products are an investment in my health. I wil save a future post for all my favorite products 🙂

Did you know that women are exposed to about 300 chemicals per day on average? And 80 of these are before breakfast which are contained within their personal care products! Think about it. You wake up, you brush your teeth (toothpaste), wash your face (face wash), shower (shampoo, conditioner, soap, shaving cream, etc.), you moisturize (face, body lotions), put on deodorant (oh my deodorant! Please stop putting aluminum on your pits), put your face on (foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, blush, bronzer, etc.), you do your hair (hairspray, volumizer spray, mousse, wax, paste, etc.).

I challenge you to go into any 3 cabinets in your house, remove a product, flip the bottle over, read the ingredients, and google the toxicity profile. Likely, if there are big, long words you can’t pronounce, you shouldn’t be using the product on your body. It can take as little as 26 seconds for anything you put on your skin to be absorbed into your bloodstream. “If you think wellness is expensive, try illness.” Believe me on this one! You are worth it! Spend a little extra on yourself to ensure your personal care products are clean.

In good health,