Defeated but Still Smiling!

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So, earlier I typed a beautiful blog, migraine and all, about taking the power back from people that try to bring you down. I also just recently, as in a couple days ago, got a shiny new Macbook Air. I was trying to attach a photo to complete my blog post for the day. I hit the upload button and boom, my brand new, shiny, fancy, pretty laptop freezes! I wait and wait and wait….my patience is wearing thin. It was not budging but I was able to copy and paste the post into a word document before the freeze. I always do this, just in case. Low and behold, I wasn’t able to save the word document bc I was not able to move from the screen that was frozen. Arrrgghhhh (more like %&$@!!!) I lost 4 full paragraphs of real, raw shit that was meant to inspire you guys.

So, I’ll attempt again next week….For now, I have to live the mantra of taking the power back, as in not giving away my energy to someone, or in this case, something I can’t change. I’ll choose to accept, turn my frown upside down and move forward 🙂

However, do check out my yummy thai fried rice recipe that I made today!