Eating During Transitions

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Transitional eating is a topic that is near to me as my husband and I have been moving the past two weeks. It can be a challenge to stick to home cooked meals during busy times, like moving. 1) you’re exhausted from working all day 2) pots and pans are packed and 3) cooking takes up more of your time and energy.

This can also go for traveling, home renovations, etc. Maybe you have to be out of town for business for a week or you’re getting your kitchen remodeled and it’s taking longer than expected. Whatever the scenario, we’ve all been through it and there are ways to work through it.

So, you’re forced to eat away from your kitchen… but instead of eating fast food, you can still choose heatlhier options. Here’s some advice to stick to a healthy plan:

1) stock up on easy and already prepped snacks such as carrot and celery sticks, hummus, fruit medley, veggie tray, nuts, popcorn, etc. You can find these items pre-packaged or if you choose to buy the items individually, just make sure you do all the prepping (washing and cutting) when you get home from the store so they are readily available for consumption.

2) when ordering carryout, opt for Mediterranean or Thai as opposed to Chinese or pizza. You can choose healthier options from these places, like fattoush salad, vegetable stirfry, lentil soup, fresh rolls, etc. This way you can still get in your recommended daily dose of veggies.

3) As for breakfast, opt for a smoothie and oatmeal instead of fast food breakfast sandwiches which can pack in added fat and calories. Add some nuts, seeds, fresh or frozen fruit with just a touch of honey to your oatmeal instead of brown sugar. Keep some frozen fruit, spinach or kale, and protein powder on deck. Pop them in the blender with some almond milk for a quick morning treat.

Just remember, don’t be too hard on yourself. Transitions can be stressful so if you veer from your normal healthy eating patterns for a day or so, it’s ok! Once you get settled, return to healthy home cooked meals. My husband and I are moving from the city to a more remote area, so we wanted to visit our favorite restaurant spots. We had a couple splurge days where we ordered from our favorite pizza spot. We were working so hard lifting boxes and cleaning (burning lots of calories) that I didn’t get down on myself for splurging. Everything is ok in moderation, just don’t make a habit of it. Make healthy whole foods your habit and you’ll be just fine.

Happy 4th of July week! Enjoy~