Gratitude is the Attitude!

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Gratitude –

I covered this in my blog post about happiness. Gratitude, as a theme, is fitting for Thanksgiving week. I went to church yesterday and the message stuck with me, “Gratitude is the feeling and Thanksgiving is what we do.” It’s interesting to recognize the difference. Depending on your circumstances, Thanksgiving can be stressful for some. It’s a lot of work for the cooks. You might see family members that aren’t your favorite. Ha, watching the Lions play is stressful enough!

My family thinks I’m annoying, but I always go around the table and make everybody say what they are thankful for. I’m forcing gratitude on them – LOL. But truly, I think it’s so important to express gratitude and what more fitting of a day? Gratitude is the feeling. So, take a moment this holiday to truly feel it. Think of something (or many things) that you are truly grateful. Recreate a vision of it. What does it look like? What surrounds it? Remember the feeling it gives you. Focus on it, smile, and be grateful.

Thanksgiving is what we do. We cook turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, etc. We become gluttons for the day, then we waddle around, watch football, and nap. Does this sound like your Thanksgiving?

Healthy tip: I won’t go into the exuberant amount of calories most people consume on Thanksgiving but also take time to notice that. Eat until you feel 80% full, then take rest. If you’re still hungry after a half hour, then go for seconds. And actually save room for dessert. Instead of a 3-in-1 slice, start with 1 small slice of pie and take notice to see how you feel. It’s very beneficial to notice how you feel after eating. When you are mindful, you tend to eat less.

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving!

With Gratitude,