My Favorite Essential Oil Uses

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As promised, here are my favorite uses for the essential oils that come in the Young Living Starter kit. They are my everyday essentials and my go to, first line of defense medicine cabinet. If you haven’t picked up a set of these oils yet, you’re missing out!

Thieves – diffuse 4-6 drops for air purifying, immunity roller (25 drops lemon, 25 drops thieves, 20 drops lavender, 20 drops frank, 10 drops oregano, fill w/ carrier oil), add 1 drop to toothbrush for brushing, thieves cleaner for all cleaning needs

Lemon – add 1-2 drops in water bottle (glass or stainless steel) for taste, detox, weight/hunger management, immunity, and anti-adhesive (stickers)

Lavender – diffuse 4-6 drops for relaxation, calming, and sleep, add to moisturizer, apply neat to burns, great when blended with other oils (lemon, peppermint, and lavender is great for allergies) – known as the swiss army knife of oils

Peppermint – add 5 drops to cotton balls and place near windowsills and door walls where ants come in, add 1-2 drops in water bottle for indigestion, freshen breath, heart burn, nausea, and tummy troubles, add 1-2 drops neat to headache areas

Raven – great for cough, cold, sore throat, respiratory issues (start low and slow) rub on chest and throat with coconut oil, or diffuse

Citrus Fresh – diffuse 4-6 drops for clean smell, add to water for taste, mix with thieves cleanser for glass cleaner

Digize – rub 1-2 drops on belly for stomachache, add 1-2 drops in water for digestion and tummy troubles

Stress Away – great for use as a natural perfume (pop on roller ball and roll on wrists and neck), add 4-6 drops to diffuser for calming, goes great with citrus and lavender

Panaway – apply 1-2 drops neat to sore muscle or painful areas (follow with copaiba), add to pain roller (10 drops panaway, 10 drops copaiba, 10 drops peppermint, fill w/ carrier oil)

Valor – apply 1 drop to wrists for natural perfume/cologne, great for uplifting and confidence

Peace & Calming – apply 4-6 drops in diffuser in the evening to wind down

Frankincense – when in doubt, use Frank – know as the oil of 10,000 uses, add 1 drop to moisturizer, mix with eye cream, apply to headache areas, add to diffuser with sleep blends, place 1 drop on thumb and press to roof of mouth to help ease headaches, etc.

This only brushes the surface for the uses of each oil. They are so versatile and that’s why I love them! I’m always finding new ways to use them. Annnnd so exciting, Young Living just came out with CBD oil! So many different companies are jumping on the CBD band wagon but Young Living sticks out of the bunch. They practice their Seed to Seal commitment, as they do with their essential oils. I know the CBD is pure and organic, and put through rigorous testing before it reaches my doorstep. It has also worked wonders for my dog. She has severe arthritis in her spine and after implementing CBD oil, I’ve been able to remove her from all arthritis medications. She is 12 years old this year but just as spunky as she was when she was 7!

How have essential oils or CBD worked for you or your loved ones?

If you are interested in learning more about oils or CBD, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or check out my link for more info –>

Great night all! xoxo