Your Doctor Doesn’t Have Time For You

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Your doctor doesn’t have time for you. How does that sentence make you feel? You probably don’t want to believe it because you want to think that you are important to them. I’m not saying that you’re not, but your doctor literally has no time for you. They are there to address significant medical concerns in which they will diagnose and treat with a prescription and then they will send you on your way. They may have you follow-up to renew your prescription but the rest is up to you. According to recent studies, the United States is currently and will continue to experience a major shortage of primary care physicians and specialists over the next 10-15 years. A shortage of doctors = decreased quality of care and outcomes for patients. They want the best for you, but they just don’t have the time to ensure that you follow-through.

This topic sparked my interest due to conversation that I had with a family member. He is experiencing some medical concerns and his doctor “lectured” him on what he needed to do and sent him on his way. He doesn’t like the meds due to the side effects and certainly doesn’t like to be told what to do. And this totally makes sense! I’m much more likely to take advice from somebody who delivers a message in a way that I need to hear it. I’ve been to doctors who have attempted to deliver medical advice in an aggressive way and that did not sit well with me. Do you think I followed through? The answer is no. Unless I was in a life or death situation (and I have been) then only then did I take orders from a dictator doctor.

This is the sweet spot where health coaches come into play and we are catching the attention of healthcare professionals. So, what is an integrative nutrition health coach? You might think I’m a nutritionist? Nope. You might think I’m a nutrition counselor? Nope. You might compare me to a dietician. Nope. I am a health coach and that means that I provide the mentorship, guidance, and accountability for you when your doctors don’t have time for it. I am the go-to follow-through guru and of course, all while, following your doctor’s recommendations. I meet you where you’re at and we work together to identify wellness goals. Together, we make small but incremental changes through our journey together that will lead you to reaching your goals. It’s a supportive relationship that you’ll actually find excitement for, instead of the dreaded doctor’s appointments at an office that smells like hand sanitizer and latex. Yuck!

This takes time. It won’t happen in one visit to the clinic. This is a journey and I’m here for you! You are so worth it!

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