Sicky Icky Got Me Down

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I came home from the IIN conference last week and I felt super energized and I was gonna take over the world! Fast forward a week and I got this nasty virus that has me down, weak, and uninspired to say the least. Maybe it’s a divine intervention to keep me grounded. Whatever it is, I got this bug that slapped me right down into the earth. Bam! No notice and it didn’t care that I had a bajillion things to catch up on over the last week. It was like, bam, there’s your bed now lay in it!

When I’m sick, I like to fuel up on my supplements and essential oil as well as filling my body with fruits, veggies, juices, Ningxia Red, probiotics – all things that are bug fighters and immunity boosters. I’ll share my routine with you:

THIEVES – I douse the shit out of my home and body with thieves – in the diffuser, on the bottom of feet, on my toothbrush. I bathe in it – JK but seriously I use this powerhouse religiously.

Thieves Tea – this is a wonderful concoction of your favorite tea (I use green during the day and chamomile at night), add 2 drops thieves, 2 drops lemon EO and 1 tsp. honey. Yummm so soothing on the throat.

I double up on Vit D, Vit C, and Zinc doses.

Ningxia Red – I add my probiotic to this drink – it’s abundant with antioxidants

RC or Raven EO – take these oils and rub my chest when I’m congested – can diffuse too!

A drop of peppermint EO on my scalp when the pressure headache kicks in

Boosting my immune system with fruit and veggie smoothies and/or juices – a great way to get a boatload of nutrients in when you don’t have an appetite

Soup – canned or homemade, soup is always a good option – or if you really don’t have an appetite then drink some broth. It’s filled with nutrients and electrolytes to keep you hydrated.

If and when all of this doesn’t have me feeling my best, then I will add in cold/flu meds to get me through the day and night and especially if I’m dealing with a high temp. I hear rolling peppermint EO down the spine helps with fevers too but I haven’t tried it yet. EO’s are so versatile and I learn new ways to use them everyday.

Now, I just have to wait until my mess of congestion passes before I feel like a real person again. Maybe then I will have some more inspiration to throw at you. Until then….stay well my friends.

No hugs or kisses this time,