Vegan Junk Food & Me

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Sorry, I’m a day late on my blog. I decided not to labor or Labor Day and I hope you all did too!

This has been a hot topic lately with many vegan meat companies that are entering into the food industry. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Approximately three years ago, I was having chronic digestive issues. These issues had been going on for many years after my transplant but I just started seriously addressing them three years ago. Originally, I thought that this was just another side effect from all the treatments I received. But then I just started listening to my body. I didn’t want to take medicine everyday to correct my issue so I started exploring other options. This is when I decided to return to my holistic doctor. He performed specific blood tests that my conventional doctor didn’t. He found out that I’m highly sensitive to Casein, which is the protein in dairy products. I laughed at him when he told me to eliminate dairy from my diet. I didn’t listen at first. Eventually, I became sick of being sick and tired so I opted to try a dairy elimination trial. I trialed it for 3-4 weeks and I was feeling so much better. So much that I began to exit the denial stage. Luckily, I skipped the next three stages of grief and accepted the fact that my holistic doc was right. My body was not jiving with dairy. So you’re probably wondering what this has to do with vegan junk food? Just be patient…I’m getting there.

Now, fast forward 2.5 years or so when I was faced with skin cancer on my lip. I wanted to do more for my health and this is when I opted to eliminate meat. I had already kicked the dairy habit so this was the next level for my health. I didn’t plan to make this a lifestyle habit, but rather a cleanse until I got my body back to its healthiest state. Well, during the first few months that I wasn’t eating any animal products, I felt amazing! Like, I didn’t realize how shitty I was feeling until I wasn’t. I was way less bloated after eating. For the first time I felt fueled from my food instead of lethargic. It was awesome so I had to continue. Once I became more involved in the plant-based world, I began to learn more about the livestock industry and what impact it is having on our planet. And news flash – it’s not good! Plus I love animals, so how could I hypocritically eat them? There’s this psych term called cognitive dissonance and that was me for so many years. And I can’t lie, I’m not a perfect plant-based eater by any means. I cheat. But it’s ok. I am taking actions towards a better me and a better planet. I believe in progress, not perfection. Kudos if you’re a perfect vegan but I’m virtually high-fiving you for every step you take!

I digress… now on to vegan food. I’m having these conflicting thoughts as vegan burgers/meats are hitting the markets hard. I love it because now I have more options when I’m out to eat or even at fast food restaurants now. However, the reason I went went plant-based in the first place is for my health. Now, all these vegan “junk foods” are here. Let me be clear… substitutes or alternatives to meat and dairy are not better for your health. They can be highly processed, loaded with chemicals, GMO’s, saturated fat, and calories. Eating whole foods is the best way to health for plant-based peeps. Environmentally, I’m all about vegan junk food! Less animal harm/abuse, less greenhouse gasses produced, and a big positive impact for our planet. After all, there is no planet B.

So, what do you think about this vegan burger/meat/junk food movement? Is it fad? Good? Bad? Indifferent?

Have a great shortened week!

*photo credit: City Guide
Emily Scrivener , 6 March, 2018