Primary Food

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What is primary food (PF)? PF is all of things that nourish you off of your plate. This includes your relationships, career, physical activity, and spirituality. Check in with yourself from time to time. How are you feeling in the realm of primary food? Is your job stressful? Are your relationships fulfilling? Are you happy with your exercise routine? Are you exploring your spirituality?

As a health coach, I explore these areas with my clients. PF is so important to your wellbeing and often times they are easily dismissed. However, these elements are key to your success.

No matter how many fruits and veggies you eat or how many workouts you fit into our week, if your PF isn’t balanced, then your optimal health is suffering.

Sometimes just talking about these areas can help tremendously. Often times, we truly don’t make time for ourselves; to reflect on the PF that is feeding our soul. Mind. Body. Soul. Make it a goal this week to focus on one area of PF, reflect, and make a plan on how you can improve. If you could use some guidance, just ask! I’m here to help. Make yourself a priority. You are so worth it!